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Anonymous said: if you heard of the green river killer (washington state)? i met him at a company picnic, for my dads work. >.<



I can not believe I forgot to tell you this!

Jerry was said to have kidnapped some of his victims in drag.

likethepresident-deactivated201 said: How about the I-45 killer outside of Houston. They never caught him though..



christianbaleful said: Oh god, you're right. I forgot. My bad. xx


We be good my friend.

farewelltheashtraygxrl said: Yeah, I go to a community college here, and the university in my city has a great criminal justice program. I don't recall what the required program includes for that, cause I haven't checked in a year or so, but it was abunch of junk I didn't care about. I'll figure it out once I transfer to a school I actually want to go to and am done with this bullshit community college thing xD

I like my community college.

But I think that is because I get away with a lot of stupid shit there.


farewelltheashtraygxrl said: Well, it might not necessarily be "cop school" sorts of things, but you have to get a degree in criminal justice to be a profiler and that includes learning the laws and procedures of investigations, maybe not necessarily all of them, but a good bit of them. I just wasn't interested in it :/ I have changed my mind so many times, I'm still not sure what I want to do haha. If I could just take classes for the rest of my life and get paid for it, I'd be happy :D

Well, go to a local college and grab one of their course catalogs. They have usually have all the degrees they offer and what jobs the degrees apply for and so on and so forth.

Just a suggestion though.

farewelltheashtraygxrl said: And yes! Armin Meiwes is a cannibal from Germany. Long story short: he posted a few personal ads on cannibal websites around Germany and eventually got someone who wanted to be eaten. They got together, had a gay old time (literally) and then the victim (can't recall his name..Bernd? I think) allowed Meiwes to kill, dismember, and cannibalize him. When Meiwes was caught, it was a big legal ordeal because they did find evidence that Bernd wanted to be eaten and offered himself to Meiwes. Meiwes is still alive and has appealed his sentence, which I believe was..manslaughter? Or he was trying to get manslaughter, can't remember, it's been so long since I've read the story.


That is so crazy.

I look forward to learning more.

Thank you :]

The FBI says that there are at least 50 serial killers roaming around murdering people as you read this sentence.

farewelltheashtraygxrl said: More power to you (for wanting to be a cop). I just didn't have the patience. I took a class called Murder and Violent crimes but it focused more on the physical investigation and law process, and I'm just interested in the psychological aspect so I'm just going to take abnormal psychology courses and stuff of that nature. That's great though, good luck to you and I hope you achieve your goal :)

Why thank you :]

I really do not think you have to be a cop to be a forensic psychologist. That just does not seem right. I think you just have to study forensics and psychology and know how to meld them together. 

I may be wrong, but if you are really interested you should really do your homework [research].

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